Instructions for Care

Katherine Rodgers Fine Art Gallery

Instructions for Care

Original Alcohol Ink Works -

Congratulations on your purchase of an original abstract work! There is no other piece exactly like this one in the world and I feel honored that you have chosen to put it into you collection.


Uniqueness –

I use the highest quality alcohol inks and materials to create your one-of-a- kind piece. I work in a studio environment and do every part of the process myself.  Please keep in mind that this is made by hand and not machinery so there might be small differences in the finish that I try very hard to perfect.


How to care for your art –

I hand pour several layers of resin epoxy onto each piece to protect it for a lifetime or longer! Each pour takes several days to cure and harden. The best way to clean dust and fingerprints from this surface is with a soft cloth (not paper-towel) and glass cleaner.


How to hang your art –

One of the wonderful aspects of my abstracts is that you can hang them in any direction in your home, vertically or horizontally or even from a corner of the piece for a unique display. Most pieces are light enough to hang on a simple nail in the drywall and do not require wiring.  Larger pieces are wired for your convenience. They look best if they are flush to the wall.


If you have any issues or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly, as your satisfaction is my top priority!


Thank you,





Katherine Rodgers