Print v Original Work

Katherine Rodgers Fine Art Gallery

Print v Original Work

Why are some of my original works being sold? 

I often go through my body of work and pull pieces that I believe my fans would enjoy having in their personal collections. Often they are smaller works that have taken me anywhere from 4-10 hours to paint. Unless specified, these are usually sold unframed. 

What is a limited edition print?

These are usually larger works that I have had professionally scanned in and reproduced as Giclee prints on heavy watercolor paper. These works have usually been in juried or national shows. They are numbered and signed in pencil by me. At most there will be 25 prints made but some are fewer as I want them to retain their value. 

Why are the limited edition prints signed in pencil? 

A pencil mark cannot be reproduced by computers which helps to make it less vulnerable to fraud. 

What is metallic paper?

Some of my paintings of metal (spoons and pots) look brilliant printed on metallic paper. The price increases due to the paper cost but the paper is still archival and acid free and still a collector's item. If a print is done on metallic paper it will be signed and numbered amongst the others that are printed on the watercolor paper.